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Who Is Your Real Friend

Keeping friends is one of life phenomenon, as we grow daily, go to places and travel around, we are all bound to make friends, but it depends on the kind of friend, you have.

People make friends, when they are rich, such a rich status would draw lots of friends close to him or her, but when the money is no more there, everyone distance him or herself.

People also make lots of friends in high school, higher institution, when attending conference and seminars.

Note that not all friends, you make is good and not all friends you make is bad but the question is, who is your real friend.

  1. A real friend is someone, who supports you in every aspect of life, when life you are down.
  2. A real friend is one, who lifts you up, when you are falling apart.
  3. A real friend is one, who is real to you, not one who smiles at you on your face and go at your back to gossip or talk trash about you.
  4. A real friend is one, who shelters you, when you have lost your shelter for free, not the one who shelters you and take advantage of your condition.

A friend can be a person you know well and like and who is not usually a member of you family, but a real friend would be known when things are falling apart, so open your mind, eyes as you healthfully discover your real friend.

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