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Wealthiness of Health

Health is a state of physical and mental healthiness. Health is wealth, because with a sound health, there is guaranty for a long life.

The issue of health is very important and depends on so many factors. Factors such as rest, diet, physical fitness, emotional and mental state.

People invest so much on their health eating good food and doing regular exercise. The certificate to live long on earth depends also on, how people do regular clinic checkups, to ascertain the present state of their body system. When all these are put in place, the investment of good health would show the healthiness of such a person body system.

A clinic checkup is very important on a monthly basis in order to live a sound life. Conducting checkup to know what sickness is in its body system and treat it immediately before any further chronic development or degeneration.

Eating good food is also very important, controlling the amount of different food classes be it carbohydrate, protein, minerals, fat etc. fat is also very dangerous and its intake should be kept at minimal concentration.

Staying healthy and living long on earth is determined by what you take into your
Healthiness is a precious jewel to every living being. It is a time of peace
Basil is an important recipe, when preparing a tasty food or Mediterranean chicken. Basil also
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