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Top 3 Foods For Fasting Exercise

Fasting is a period your body organs have much time to rest more especially the stomach, the liver and intestine.  During fasting, people drink lots of water, if not dry one to keep their system warm and wet.

The stomach is a delicate organ, which can really be affected during fasting, if handled wrongly or the taking the wrong thing at the wrong time. The stomach is designed to always release acid to metabolize foods, but when any acidic medium is taken on an empty stomach, if affects it, peeling its surface and cause ulcer.

It is recommended to take alkaline medium like fruits and vegetables to break fasting. If you do otherwise, by taking acidic substance or foods like oranges, limes, onions to break-fast you cause yourself stomach ulcer.

There are three top foods; you can use to break your fasting, which are cucumber, pineapple and watermelon. These three foods would nourish your stomach and body with its right alkaline content and prepare your body for easy digestion as you take in solid foods. Orange can be taken, when you must have eaten a solid food, so it can also help you ease digestion. These top three foods would keep you healthy and make you avoid having ulcer, when you are undergoing a fasting exercise.

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