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Thirst Of Fluid

The fluid is an important component, when your body needs to maintain a normal body fluid level.

Fluid can be in many forms such as water, fruit and vegetables. With the high temperature rate experienced in most part of Africa and Asia, there is need for high consumption of more fluid.

When there is high temperature, the body releases more water outside, the skin to make it cooler.

During summer or heat season, the body needs more to maintain a normal homeostatic level.

Fluid also helps keep the entire body system, alkaline and present for the formation of cancer cell.

Fluid from fruits helps add lots of vitamins and help, the body to be more rejuvenated. It is also recommended to drink at least eleven glass of water each day especially during heat season, more especially water, a cup of fresh fruit and vegetable juice.

The body is always thirsty for fluid and should not be lacking in your body system. So stay healthy and happy as you take in more fluid to keep you refreshed.

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