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The Key Needs Of Life

Life is so much precious, that if you fail to acknowledge, the basic needs of life, you tend to suffer.

There are so many needs in life but the most important needs are money, food, shelter and love.

Humans are mortal and all these basic needs are very much necessary, if we are to survive and live long, looking at the basic needs such as;

Food: we all need food and water for day to day survival to keep our body and soul functioning well and healthy. Food provides necessary minerals and vitamins our body needs to function properly. If, we don’t take food more especially a balanced diet, our body lose functions, cause dysfunction and make us fall ill, and so food is very important.

Shelter: it is very important to have a house, which you can rest and relax after a day work. It also provides our body opportunity to recover fast. It also helps heal our body and soul. Resting also makes one energetic as new day approaches. It is not compulsory, to have a comfortable house with all gadget but instead provide you the opportunity to prevent any form of illness.

Love: everyone needs love to live long and happy. There is no worth in living, if there is no one close to you like friends and family, who want to always know how you are doing. In essence love is the ingredient that makes life juicy and wonderful.

Money: the king of all is money, because with money, you can buy food, shelter and even love. Money answers all things, so in context, it is important to work hard to earn more money, in order to live life to its fullest.

Live would be so much juicy, if you have these basic needs of life. It is also important to manage, what you have to live well. It is important not to live above your standard such that you want to emulate, a lifestyle like that of celebrities, which is far bigger than yours. Even celebrities find it difficult sometimes in their life. The key to life is to have the four basic needs of life and have a good resource management.

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