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The Cause Of Rape

The world has changed, lots of atrocities, which was not heard in the past decades, is now on the increase and its rampart everywhere.

One of these atrocities on the increase is rape. This can be attested to the fact, the world has change, and people could go so low to commit such a crime even both young and old without caring about the consequence and the post crime health status of the victim.

Rape cannot be totally blamed on men only, but instead women should also be highly held responsible for it. Men are moved by what they see and watch. These day naked films and pictures are easily displayed online and accessible to download. So men get access to all such materials and the only way, they react to such stimulus is to find a lady or woman to abuse close to them, which is absolutely bad and insane.

As the world changed, women and fashion changed. The fashion industry really changed, the way women should dress, but instead design cloths, that would show, the shape of sensitive part of their body, some dresses also display nakedness.

As the holy book said, to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life. Lots of men have a idle and carnal mind, which make them commit such crime as rape. I think men in general should be committed to being responsible, which would help curb, the rate of rape worldwide. Also, government, leaders, traditional rulers, spiritual leaders of affected counties should do more to pass laws and public orientation that would help die the issue of rape occurrences.

Rape is an abomination, but what can be done is for women to dress covered, adorable and stay off the road. For men, they should be self disciplined of their life style and spiritually minded to avoid such act. Do all these and I bet you will stay healthful?

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