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The best outfit for your skin tone

There are different skin colors, which is a perfect gift of nature from God. Your skin is natural and should not be changed but instead; find the perfect match for your skin tone. Like most mistake people make changing their skin tone because, they are attracted to that kind of color, not knowing they are look good and attractive despite the kind of skin they have, whether fair or dark complexion.

There are also good cloths, which can match your skin, which is always good to take note of the color that fits you. Don’t make the mistake of shopping, with looking testing it to know if it would match your skin tone better.

If you really want to make impression with you cloth and wears, then it is good to have idea of the color that would complement your complexion.

For the light skinned, solid black is no match for you. If you choose to wear black, then wear a light shirt that would mix up the color. Alternatively, try light grey or charcoal shirt, shade of grey gives you the perfect feel of black and it doesn’t have to look colorless when compared to darker color.  Pure white looks odd next to fair skin. Instead wear white with some warmth such as white with a hint of yellow, orange or brown. Other color a fair person can focus should be jewel, earth tones, emerald green, communist red, chocolate brown, terracotta, royal blue, military green and yellow.

White cloth starkly stand against dark complexion, you can consider alabaster or light pink shirt. Warm colors like orange, red, yellow all look really good on dark skin. The darker you are, the brighter the shirt you can wear. Pink also works very well. Any primary color would work well for men with dark skin. Dark blues and greens also stand starkly on dark skin. Avoid dark brown, black, turquoise, magenta and spring green. These dark and cool colors will clash with your dark skin.

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