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Stupid Reasons People Die

People carelessly die due to very simple mistake, which could be avoided. It had been declared by almighty God, that everyone to live long, grow old and die.

There are so many reasons, why people die from a health perspective such as;

  1. Not going for regular medical check ups
  2. Not having a good health manager
  3. Not living in an hygienic environment
  4. Not being health conscious, when there is epidemics
  5. Not treating illness immediately after diagnosis, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, infection and many more
  6. Not sleeping under mosquito net despite high vulnerability of mosquito in the province
  7. Drinking and driving at the time
  8. Driving on a high speed
  9. Not eating a balanced food, but instead subscribe for junk foods
  10. Not doing exercise regularly
  11. Stressing much and sleeping less
  12. What yours
Staying healthy and living long on earth is determined by what you take into your
Healthiness is a precious jewel to every living being. It is a time of peace
Basil is an important recipe, when preparing a tasty food or Mediterranean chicken. Basil also
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