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Stopping Hiccups with Sugar

Hiccups are an uncomfortable experience, which can happen at anytime unknown to anyone. It is also a natural human phenomenon, but quite embarrassing, if it happens in public, which can be at your place of work, market or any where people are, which is not in your house. It is natural and cannot be likely hereditary.

According to its definition; it is an involuntary spasm odd the diaphragm and respiratory organs, which means we can’t control it. It also comes with a sudden closure of the glottis and characterized by gulping sound.

According to past records; generations of mothers do give their children a spoon of sugar to cure hiccups, when it comes, believing the shock of sweetness cures it.

It is also believed that sugar somehow stimulates the nerve supplying diaphragm to stop its muscles from contracting further.

The cause and cure of hiccups is not yet well known, but it is believed that odd ways such as fright and holding breath can also cure it.

Reason sugars prove to be effective is because, while you swallow, you hold breath, which would stop reflex spasm momentarily and likely permanently.

The next time you experience hiccups try taking sugar and our odd ways, likely it can cure it immediately and make you stay healthy.

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