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Scarce Facts On Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression is an illness that occurs after having a baby, characterize by low mood swings, which usually develops within the first month following childbirth. This can range in severity from a mild and normal period of mood disturbance called baby blues to the most severe and rarest problem which is postnatal psychosis.

Although, there are differences between postnatal depression and ordinary depression, there are similarities. However, it is not clear where postnatal depression stops and when ordinary depression begins.

Postnatal depression can come with the following symptoms such as;

Unexplained tearful and miserable feeling such feeling may be worse at certain times of the day, particularly in the mornings. Inability to enjoy oneself, which may be prominent in new mothers, who feel that they are not enjoying having a new baby in the way they expected to. Irritability with either other children, the new baby or with partner.

Insomnia or walking too early in the morning even when you manage to sleep. Loss of appetite which can be a problem sine new mother’s need all the energy, they can get to look after their babies. Anxiety a feeling of tense and on edge all the time, panic attacks of something catastrophic, lasting several minutes or hours. Feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness as well as ability to cope with difficult situation and suicidal thoughts.

There is no known cause for postnatal depression, but likely a number of factors are involved. The illness may arise partly because of hormonal changes following child birth or the stress of looking after a young baby and sleeplessness, which may also help to bring on the illness in susceptible people.

Mothers who more susceptible to it are; mothers who have previously had episodes of depression, history of depression also increase risk, and lastly postnatal depression is also more common in mothers who have experienced stressful life events during the pregnancy. For instance those who don’t have support at home, those in whom the baby was unplanned or unwanted, and when the baby is born with some problem.

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