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Risk factors of television and diabetes

Watching your health is also important, the way people spend much time to watch television. Today, there are lots of television programs, which are available, lots of entertainment on television to keep one awake and entertained.

When watching an interesting television series, you might want to keep your mouth busy chewing and drinking in other to fulfill, a peak desire of being entertained, but we fail to identify, that such tradition, if it is done daily, there are a whole lot more it could cause in the near future.

Watching television a lot is linked to cause diabetes, because the way you eat, when watching television, that you might not take note of, can be diabetes undoing in the future. Diabetes is the high level of sugar in the blood, which cause several health challenges

Prolonged television watching also has deleterious performance in students and on the health status of individuals. Health is a personal matter and as such remains the preserve of the individual to take care of his or her lifestyle, because it has significant consequences on health.

The current worldwide scourge of diabetes has a lot to do with lifestyle that is increasingly becoming sedimentary. Inadequate physical exercise is also a risk factor for its development. The amount of time spent watching television predicts the likelihood of development of diabetes.

The greater the amount of time spent watching television, the higher the risk of developing obesity, which is a risk factor for the development of diabetes. Research has shown the men who spend more than 40 hours a week watching television were three times more likely to develop diabetes the men who watch it for less than one hour per week. This occurs not only because of reduced exercise time out but also because of the increased propensity to eating a snack or drinking a sweet drink with loads of calories, while watching television. Another study also showed that higher television rates in individuals with diabetes also lead to poor sugar control. However, such an association was not found with prolonged use of personal computer. One of such studies concluded that no one really needs a scientific study to confirm what simple common sense is. We all know that exercise is better for your health than sitting in front of television.

Certain recommendation is attributed about television watching is found to be useful to both old and young. First is the need to watch what you eat when you watch television. Consumption of energy dense foods while watching television is unhelpful and thus should be strictly controlled. Healthy drinks like water and healthy foods portions like fruits and vegetables are advised at such times. Similarly, declaration of some days as television free days and using such time for exercise is indeed helpful. It is said that in the long run, individuals find these television free days more enjoyable than television viewing days.

Television watching in the bedroom is strongly advised against, such act can be inscribed as enjoyment, cause health problems. The habit is said to increase the television watching time and reduce the likelihood that the individual will do anything else for a great while. The room should thus be strictly for sleeping and other beneficial activities but not for television viewing.

Television watching during meals is said to be double in that it increases the chance that you will over eat and also likely prolong viewing time, which two are helpful for blood sugar control and also likely leads to weight gain. It is very strongly advised, that the remote controls should not be kept at hand but hidden away. Thus when the need to change the channel occurs it will take some effort of standing up and walking to set and thus help in burning some calories. With the remote control at hand, an initial plan to watch a one hour program can degenerate into hours of flipping from channel with consequent important effect on health.

There is the urgent need to reduce sitting time and promote exercise in order to reduce the risk of the development of obesity, diabetes and other forms of ill health that can put the heart at risk. Studies have shown that reducing television viewing time particularly is needful.ht to moderate exercise like walking is associated with considerable reduction in the risk of becoming obese or diabetic. To control the blood sugar I individual with diabetes and to prevent it in adolescents and adult, we do need to turn off the television and start walking.

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