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Rise again like Ronaldo

It is written and based on believed assurance, Cristaino Ronaldo has risen again and would be the 2017 world best player of the year. We all know, who Ronaldo is, to be a leader, a zealous personality at all peaks of being the best.

There is reason, why he always strife to be the best and have made him successful in his football carrier. Cristaino Ronaldo is a successful legend, but how we all can be successful like him. The only way to be like Ronaldo is know his secret of success and speaking of his success secret, just have patience as we tell you his secret of success.

Before going into the secret of Ronaldo success, let’s look back to his trials and travails to how he descend and ascend back to rise again.

Lionel Messi a great football legend has always being a rival to Cristaino Ronaldo in his quest to remain, the world best player seriously. This made him got dethroned of his world best in 2016 after winning it in 2015.

This was a spark for him, as he was not discouraged, but was more resilient to rise back again; this was how he did it, when he was in Manchester united and his early days at real Madrid.

All these success and failure brings us to his resilience and what makes him always rise back again.

The only secret to Ronaldo success to always rise again is simply described in its word “self-belief”.

Cristaino Ronaldo secret of success is self-beliefs, which are a drive, culture and tradition to him. According to its definition self believe is that power, energy and confidence, that grows in a person that he or she can do or achieve anything.

Ronaldo has a self-belief, he can achieve anything, just like any other successful person, this made him got scouted by Manchester united and real Madrid. Despite his age, his self-belief is still making him to still be the best in the world.

After, the first leg of the 2016 champions league match between Wolfsburg and real Madrid , it looks as if it was over for real Madrid, but it wasn’t so, instead the self-belief of Cristaino Ronaldo, change the result in the second leg and took real Madrid up to win, the 2016 Uefa champions league trophy.

This is also an inspiration for you to belief like Ronaldo to adopt his self-belief in every aspect of your life be it academics, business, finances, carrier and other wise. Self-belief can make you to always have the power to never give up but keep on working to rise back again. It also makes you go back to correct your wrong past mistakes and prepare not to make such mistake again. It also makes you to prepare yourself and foundation, to be a dream achiever.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a good lesson for all of us, let’s develop and build self-belief, so it can take you to the greatest. You never can tell, your own self-belief can make you to be Cristaino Ronaldo of tomorrow.

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