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Most Dangerous Panty Liners

Panty liners are used to absorb light menstrual flow, vaginal discharge, or urine leakage or to maintain a clean, dry feeling by a generality of women. However, there are assertions that panty liners do more than just good. They could actually be harmful, if their use is not properly directed.

Shocking as it may sound; it is not okay to wear panty liner all the time. Its everyday use would lead to vagina bacterial infection. Panty liners may trap heat and moisture to promote vulvovaginal candidiasis or promote colonization by microbes that contribute to urinary tract infections.

It is important to note that the adhesive strip at the bottom of the panty liner is made of plastic. And, we all know that skin is unable to breathe through plastic.

Also you pass out normal genital discharge during the day; your discharge stays on the panty liner, which would be stuck against your skin for as long as you still wear the panty liner. We also know that bacteria grow much faster in wet and high temperature area. This is highly likely to cause genital acne and irritation.

Do not be deceived by those panty liners that say super absorbent or breathable back sheet. In actual fact, those added attributes definitely require added chemical content which leaves you at a greater risk of infection.

The types of panties that you wear contribute to problem too. It is strongly advisable to wear panties that are made of at least 95% cotton. Cotton is absorbent and creates less abrasion against the skin, thus, reducing chances of developing genital irritation. Save yourself the stress of doing damage to your genital area. Wear panties only on sporting days instead of making it a daily affair.

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