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Mistakes People Make During Fasting

Many faithful make lots of mistakes, when undertaking a fasting exercise. Such mistakes can be as a result on what you take into the body, during and after fasting.

Fasting can be undertaken for several purpose such as spiritual, diet, wise, fitness, culture, religious, weight loss and lots more.

Fasting is also a period, someone stay from eating food, in order to fulfill a particular goal and mission.

Mistake during fasting can arise from one’s health status and what he or she eats. From a health perspective, people don’t always go for medical examination to determine, if they have any health challenges that would affect their health if they are to go on with their fasting exercise, health challenges can be in form of stomach ulcer, diarrhea or any digestive problem to determine, if they can continue with it.

On the food perspective, people break fasting eating wrong food that would harm their stomach. This food can be in acidic form without prior knowledge and when such reaches the stomach, it would peel off the surface of stomach causing ulcer, which can last throughout the life span of affected person.

Ulcer is very painful and can cause a whole lot of discomfort to affected persons, so prevention is better than cure. Orange and onion are one of those foods capable of causing stomach ulcer on and empty stomach.

Staying healthy and living long on earth is determined by what you take into your
Healthiness is a precious jewel to every living being. It is a time of peace
Basil is an important recipe, when preparing a tasty food or Mediterranean chicken. Basil also
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