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Lionel Messi Anti-Doping Irony

Lionel Messi has proven time and time to be best in the field. These have earned him to be the 2015 FIFA player of the year, which is certain for him. All this is because of all the fitness, training and diet, he puts into his daily routine.
Some seasons ago, when Messi was not scoring, lots of questions were raised until, when he employed a personal physiotherapist, who helped him rejuvenate his passion for scoring again.
This simply teaches us when we are down and people step on us, we should always be determined to rise again and when you raise no person can stop you.
Lionel Messi known as an international football player. He is also an Argentina player currently playing for FC Barcelona.
He started his football career at a young age, which saw him went up to the top of his career, winning several gold medals both for his country and club.
Lionel Messi had also won various football awards such as the FIFA world player, Uefa best player and Fifa youngest player.
Just like what happened to lance Armstrong for his doping scandal, but to Messi it would be like an irony, to think such would ever happen. It is just like waking up in the morning, turning your TV and hears that Messi has been stripped of his award and honors; it would definitely be an irony. Most players are also not happy because, he is always getting the awards, making him simply the best.
Doping is also the use of banned performance enhancing drugs, which is widely used by organizations that regulate sporting competitions. The use of drugs to enhance performance is strictly considered unethical by most international sports organizations more especially the International Olympic Committee.
During the 1990s, when football started, lots of players used enhancing drugs to boost their potentials on the field. During that time there were no laws to ban its use and so was it allowed, but now such is prohibited and seen as unethical, because of its negative side effect to the entire body system and brings noncompetitive sportsmanship.
Any player contesting with him for any award would not be comfortable, because the chance of winning it over him is very slight and competitive. I choose to write on this topic, because if Messi wins the 2015 FIFA world player for the fifth time, he would be a legend, I would simply say, he is just the best and he need to be tested if he is doping.

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