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How Safe And Gorgeous Is Your Eye Glass

Eyeglasses are used for different purposes, which can either improve or worsen eye vision. People wear glasses for several reasons; some wear it for medical reasons and some for style or look smart.
There are different kinds of eyeglasses such as corrective glasses, bifocal glass, trifocal glass, 3D glasses and sunglasses.
Glass bearing lenses are normally used for vision correction; Safety glasses protect the eye against flying debris, visible light and radiation. The sunglasses also allow for better vision in bright daylight, and may protect one’s eyes against damage from high levels of ultraviolet light.
White glass lenses can improve and worsen one eye. This is one of the most used glasses for medical or style use. It is advisable not to use white lens glasses unless you have an eye problem, if not, don’t use it. White lenses, glass have a magnification that affects the eye, you won’t start experiencing the side effects immediately, it takes time and it would definitely the eye. Some individuals don’t have any eye problem, but prefer to wear it for style or to fit their output appearance.
For health wise sake based on experience and several studies by researchers it is advisable not to put on white glass lenses because it would affect, if not now it would be in the future. Several signs of the effects of this white glass lenses for those with non-eye problems are as follows: watery eye, eye scratches, headache and blunt vision.
Instead of wearing white glass lenses it is preferable to wear white plastic glass or safety glasses. Safety glasses are meant to protect the eye against object getting into the eyes or against sun rays and ultraviolet light. Sunglasses are the most recommended glass if you want to bring out the style and beauty in you.
White glass lenses are meant for only for people who have eye problems and not for individuals with any eye problems. If you want to look smarty or stylish sunglasses is the most preferable. Stay healthy; stay safe by declining the use of white glass lenses if you want to keep your eye healthy.

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