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How indiscipline ruins family relationship

A good and long lasting relationship is built on solid discipline and when such is missing, there is bound to be disunity.

Lots of families have crashed because; they fail to discover, what was lacking in their relationship. Cheating in a relationship is also part of indiscipline, why should you fleet with someone else, when you are still in a relationship. Stealing, cheating and greed are also part of indiscipline.

An example can be taken from a dad know as Ronald Jackson in the united states, who was arrested for seizing his daughter phone. It all started, when he discovered an inappropriate text on her daughter phone on September 2013 and she was twelve years old.

The mother did the opposite, instead of supporting him; he decided to call the police for him. This issue lasted for three years before the court ruled over the matter in favor of the father. Before then the mother reported the father, accusing him of stealing her daughter phone, which got him arrested, put in jail and bailed.

Today, the relationship had gone sour, the girl and mother both lost their relationship with Ronald Jackson.

The two pillars that maintain discipline in a family are both the mother and father. For unmarried it is both partners that work hard to maintain discipline. If one of the pillars is undisciplined, it would affect the future of their children. Both partners have to be disciplined for the sake of their children or future. When indiscipline steps into the life of a growing child and both partners don’t correct it, then the future is at stake.

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