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Game Of Thrones:What We Missed

Game of Thrones came to an end weeks ago, and while the ending might have been divisive, I think we can all agree we will miss the show to one degree or another. What exactly we’ll miss will differ from person to person, but the aspect I think I’ll miss the most was the community feeling.

Game of Thrones was a show best enjoyed in groups, be they literal or courtesy of the internet, and I believe it’s that aspect of Thrones that will make it hard for a similar show to come along any time soon.

Game of Thrones succeeded for many reasons, from its stellar acting to its intricate plot to its spectacular special effects to a stunning score. It was an excellent show, but there have been plenty of excellent shows over the years that didn’t foster communities of fans like this one did.

One thing that was truly remarkable about the show is that so many devoted fans of the show never read the books. When GOT first started I did not think it’d be very accessible to people who had not read the books, which I thought would limit the audience. So they really did a fantastic job making the show accessible. That includes a 88-year-old mother (who had never read the books and has never cared for fantasy/sci-fi types of stories) who did not miss an episode and even re-watched seasons 1-7 before season 8 began!

There is also a similar experience with a 76 year old mother. She was hooked around season 4 and then watched all the prior seasons; then it became “one thing” to watch together with her family. And she rewatched the whole thing to be ready for season 8

Another thing I enjoyed as well, not just with Thrones but with tv shows in general. The week after the episode where everybody has time to digest and analyze and speculate leading into the next. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like binging tv shows even if I get into a show late (not that I got into Game of Thrones late, got into it very early on). And like i said with all the different plot lines weaving their ways together, it allowed for far more discussion than other shows or stories could offer and was simply brilliant.

We can also agree, it took our collective breath away in a way I personally do not expect to see again in my lifetime. The story lines, spectacular special effects and the score will be next to impossible to match in one series again. We can thank the Game of Thrones Gods it is all available for eternity.

What do you miss…..

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