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Game Of Thrones: The Queen killer

Game Of Thrones has proven to be the best movie series of all time and as we await episode 3 of season 8 here is comment from top Authors and contributors.

This spoiler comes to us courtesy of redditor, who shared a brightened GIF of the Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 preview featuring the unsullied army preparing for battle. Before the battle starts, you can just barely make out Drogon and Rhaegal flying overhead. The fact that Dany’s two remaining dragons are out and about during the battle isn’t exactly a surprise, though we weren’t expecting to see them so early on. Drogon and Rhaegal also appear to be flying out of frame, possibly pursuing something else that we can’t see. Could it be their brother-turned-ice-dragon Viserion? It’s a stretch, but if that’s what’s happening then perhaps Bran Stark’s plan to catch the Night King actually works.

The show is dark and full of terrors. Although I don’t find it as bad as people on the internet make it seem. Jorah isn’t even on this list and I would say he, Beric and maybe Gendry have the highest chances.

I had assumed they would lose the battle. Now I’m somewhat unsure – they certainly could still lose and regroup somewhere. Or do they win and the rest of the series is battling Cersei?

I predict a pyrrhic victory for the living and then Daenerys has to take what’s left of her army to battle Cersei. Maybe in achieving victory she goes over into ‘mad queen’ territory and Jon is forced to stop her?

Beric Dunarrion is done, but The Hound is not. He has unfinished business. Jamie Lannister must survive, to be the Queen killer. If Jamie kills the Night King, then he’ll be a King-slayer twice.

I saw a theory that if Jamie dies, Arya could then “wear” his face and kill Cersei as Jamie. Would sort of technically fulfill the prophesy while also letting Arya check off her list. Arya’s going to do it, and probably won’t survive.

Actually, I think you’re right, that’s why Bran made sure he could stick around and fight. Also, he knighting Brienne is seen as the end of her arc, but really I think it’s the end of his.

My prediction is Tormund is mortally wounded in battle and Brienne kisses his forehead to send him on his way as a finally fulfilled man.

Any reason you locked comments on the post about Arya and Gendry? The writer of that article wrote this on her twitter “Muting all conversations about Arya Stark’s sex life. The writer was upset that we weren’t as appalled that we never really got to experience Arya’s transition to womanhood like we did Sansa’s. Although we’ve seen her get stabbed, go blind, get kidnapped, become a faceless woman etc.

My take on the odds of certain characters dying

Grey Worm: 90%

Missendai: 75%

Both Missendai and Grey Worm: 70%

Brienne: 70%

Jamie: 65%

Tyrion: 25%

Tormund: 65%

Beric: 85%

Podrick: 45%

Clegane: 40%

Davos: 25%

Gendry: 25%

Arya: 35%

Sansa: 10%

Jon Snow: 10%

Danerys: 15%

Ghost: 50%

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