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Game Of Thrones: The Prophecy

Game of Thrones finally returns for Season 8 on April 14, and to prepare you for winter (and the inevitable deaths of our favorite characters. Watch video, or download episode as it unfolds.

In the beginning of the show, Cersei hears a prophecy that influences the rest of her life. Maggy tells her that she will be queen, but only until a younger, more beautiful one comes to take her throne. This part of the prophecy dictates Cersei’s hatred—and eventual murder—of Margery Tyrell and everyone else in the Sept of Baelor. Maggy tells young Cersei that she will have three children who will die. In the book—a section of the prophecy removed from the show—it also says that she will die at the hands of a little brother. Since then, Cersei has believed it’ll be Tyrion who blights her, and given his new position in Dany’s ranks, it’s easy to see why. But that’s also why it’s easy to see how the show would favor a more surprising outcome: death by Jaime, her younger twin brother and former lover.

As the final season of Game of Thrones draws closer, one question on every viewers mind: Who’s going to make it in the end. The most sacred rule of Game of Thrones was that no character was safe, at least in the show’s early seasons. But the show’s upcoming conclusion puts us all in a difficult, anxious place. While no one is ever truly safe in Westeros, the capital; there are a few fates that seem almost certain.

Jon or Dany? The question hovers over everything. Of these two stars that have been followed since beginning of the show, would come out alive soon? With both of them surviving the impending wars with Cersei and the Night King seems unlikely, so let’s decide who is more likely to live.

Jon’s case for survival is that he fits the prophecy of Azor Ahai.

Melisandre, whose quest throughout the show has been to find a legendary hero, has gotten it wrong before, but she’s now committed to her belief that Jon is Azor Ahai reborn.

Azor Ahai is the warrior who ended the Long Night, a terrible, generation-long winter. He’s the one the followers of the Lord of Light are jazzed about; they believe he will return and save the world from darkness, and his reincarnation is sometimes called The Prince That Was Promised.

How will he be able to carry out this task? Well, he’s gong to need a pretty sword. Azor Ahai made his weapon, Lightbringer, by stabbing his beloved wife, Nissa Nissa using her as sacrifice for the sword. Many fans think Jon Snow is the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, which could make Daenerys, his current lover, the reincarnation of Nissa Nissa.

There’s a twist, though. According to a separate theory, Daenerys is The Prince That Was Promised (the original word for “prince” is not gender-specific). Reddit user ChayaFeige believes that Jon will kill her to reforge Lightbringer, and she will become The Night Queen.

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