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Game Of Thrones Season 8: Who Dies Next

The whole crew of game of thrones must really be so proud of their work and achievement. The movie series has proven countlessly too be the best of all times.

Who dies next and who stays alive is not really a sweet or bitter thing but one thing the movies series have singled out is they are no respecter of persons.

The least person you expect to die actually dies and also same with those alive.

The ending of episode 2 of season 8 really made one cry because many could actually die and who die next in the upcoming episode, we don’t know but we wait.

Theon grejoy is certainly going to die because could see him and sansa stark known as lady of winterfell actually admiring each other. She really acknowledges him because without him, she could have been long dead and she knows of her little secret, when he was ordered by lord Bolton to watch as she becomes a woman. theon grejoy would die because, he is certainly going to die because, he is actually partaking in a dangerous role to protect the three eye raven and possibly fight to death as he waits for the night king and his white walkers.

Lady mormont might not die because she is the future of her house, despite plead for her not to partake to fight, but its game of thrones, it’s just so unpredictable.

The lannisters, leader of the ansalid, the three eye raven and others, we wait to see who dies.

We know jon snow likes taking risk and the question would be if he takes a risk, would it actually cost his life, because it would be dissatisfying if both deanerys and aegon targaryen dies in the battle of winterfell.

The battle of winterfell with the night king and his armies would be gruesome because from episode 2 of season 8, there was appearance of lots of white walkers as to when compared to previous episode. The episode 3 preview revealed appearance of many white walkers standing as lords or commanders for the night king.

We are sure, the army of the dead might be defeated and many white walkers executed because the north are ready to kill them all with their dragon glass and valerian steel, but for the night king there is still no idea what can kill but for sure many would die but we don’t know who dies next and who stays alive only after the battle of winterfell. If you any idea as to whom dies next, you can drop yours as we prepare for next episode.

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