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Game Of Thrones Season 8: The Unprecedented Betrayal

The cloud is dark, the city is destroyed and cersei is dead. The prophecy was fulfilled that a queen younger than her would dethrone her. Everyone thought cersei was such a crude or terrible person but the end showed, she was simply worthless with nothing. Cersei had been queen for such a long time and he died a worthy death together with her lover and brother.

It seems the leak that was available online was not 70% correct and our prediction was correct about the 5th episode, on how dany would use her last dragon to conquer kinds landing and euron grejoy fleet. From the last episode “the last war”, the dragon descended vertically from the sky, just as it was used against the night king, drogon descends down, destroys flies back and continues destroying and by the time one ship was burnt, it was the beginning of their defeat and so it happened.

The last war witnessed a lot of betrayals, which would turn things around in the season finale such that more betrayals might be witnessed and would lead to more prominent death.

Jon snow betrayed daenaryns by revealing his secret to his family ,sansa betrayed jon by revealing it to tyrion, who also betrayed his queen by revealing it to vary without consulting, the queen and vary betrayed the queen because he has always stood to his words to support the realms off men, who are the common people and would do just that even to his last breath, as he has always done with those he served in the past, even when he knows they don’t deserve to sit on the throne and lead the common people and he got executed for what he truly believed because he knows the dragon queen was no more qualified to seat on the iron throne and lead the people.

  Tyrion further betrayed the queen by freeing Jaime lannister, the mountain betrayed queen cersei, when he most needed him abandoning her to fight for her survival. The dragon queen betrayed jon snow, tyrion, the north and the realms of men dedtoying kings landing, buring the commoners and helpless that have nothing to do with her obsession for cersei and the throne. Even when the city rang the bell signifying their surrender, she could have destroyed the red keep and not the common people, which she previously said she is coming to save. Daenaryns have failed her allies, now they would know why sansa never liked her and have always remained in her words, which the dragon queen should not be trusted, bringing in foreign soldiers to fight for her.

The golden company and her queen cersei hand all betrayed her after investing all she had and there was nothing to show for it, in return getting her killed and disappointed with no returns.

At this point, what is jon snow, tyrion lanister, who so much believed she would be a good queen be thinking right now, as she filed their trust and we now see she is worst as a queen than cersei in one day. Now they are disappointed with her and there is only one thing, that would happen and which is to betray. No one at this time think what they are all thinking but we know what they are thinking as you find out in our next bulletin titled “Kill Them All”.

Director Miguel Sapochnik who was in charge for the making of Battle of the Bastards”
As much as we would’ve loved to see a bunch of fluffy good boys patrolling
Game of Thrones is over, but if HBO has their way, we won’t be away
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