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Game Of Thrones Season 8: The Unfolding Betrayal

The living might have defeated the Night King and stopped the White Walker threat, but there’s another adversary still out there, potentially even deadlier known as Cersei Lannister. And while her brother Jaime left her to fight the White Walkers and save the realm, Cersei is not the forgiving type. Back in the premiere episode, “Winterfell,” Cersei set into motion a plan to exact revenge on Jaime and their brother, Tyrion Lannister–one that might come to fruition in Episode 4. Cersei plans to deal with Jaime and Tyrion–she sent Bronn to kill both of them with a crossbow. Cersei likes to make a statement with her murders, though–which is why the weapon Qyburn gave to Bronn to use on the traitorous Lannisters is a significant one.

The rift between Tyrion and Daenerys has been growing for some time, after being made Hand to the Queen in Season 6, Tyrion tried his best to serve with an eye towards removing Cersei from the Iron Throne, but as in previous episodes, Tyrion might be growing doubtful of Dany, strengthening the feeling that Tyrion could ultimately betray her and switch teams before the finale. They point specifically to Tyrion’s mysterious conversation with Bran in Episode 2, followed by Tyrion suddenly seeming to question Dany’s decisions while he’s in the crypt in Episode 2. If Tyrion does know Jon’s true identity, however, then it’s also the kind of essential knowledge that could push Tyrion closer to Jon as a supporter. Dany’s trust in Tyrion has been slowly evaporating since they arrived in Westeros as Tyrion continues to make crucial mistake (the failed invasion as Casterly Rock) after crucial mistake (striking a truce with Cersei that clearly didn’t work out).

Daenerys Targaryen in the other hand is wasting no time in marching on King’s Landing to reclaim her family property with her thirst for power. Following the fiery Battle for Winterfell, with the trailer for Game of Thrones season 8 episodes 4 seeing the Unsullied leave Winterfell, Jon and Davos apparently riding out of Winterfell on horseback and Targaryen boats sail for the Seven Kingdoms’ capital, westoros, as Khaleesi’s dragons soar overhead. The preview of episode, sees the Northern lords cheering and don’t seem to have a problem with her move and are seen cheering as Dany toasts them in the trailer, suggesting that she will let the North do its thing and not compel Winterfell to pledge support to her, But what will Jon Snow and Aegon Targaryen – do?

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