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Game Of Thrones Season 8: Death is Coming

The most prestigious movie series of all time is gradually coming to an end and everyone is simply biting and sorrowing on whom death would visit next.

The episode 4 of season 8 really brought to an end, the most important person to die, in fact that person has over stayed her welcome and she is cersei lannister. All the lannisters deserves to die except for tyrion lannister.

Cersei lannister now have her cup filled, she knows it is a game of thrones, and when you play the games the game of thrones, and you either live or die. She played her game investing in the golden company by buying more armies, food and a fleet of iron ships and spiders capable of bringing down daeneryns dragon down.

Many wants to see cersei die, she has always been the number on everyone list and there is no escape for her. No matter how game of thrones tries to twist or prolong cersei stay, she is definitely going to die. The starks more especially sansa and arya what they want to hear is news about her death but arya would be happy if she is the one that does it.

Cersei would be defeated, euron grejoy made the greatest mistake by not killing the whole dragons and from our measurement from the last episode “the last of starks”, the spider which brought rhaegal down, cant point directly upward that means drogon can fly directly into the sky as we saw in episode three and would fly downward vertically unharmed, burn Euron grejoy ships fly back into the sky descend vertically downward and burn them all. When she burns a few ships that would be the starting point of their defeat and euron grejoy would be burnt alive.

The death and last word of missandei would definitely turn daeneryns into a mad queen, her rage and vengeance would drive her crazy more crazy than his father. Daeneryns targayen would use her last dragon to show westeros, what she is made of fire that cannot be quenched and a mad queen that cannot be broken. daeneryns told her advisers vary and tyrion, that her destiny is to free the world from tyrant at all cost, even if it cost her life. Vary last word in episode 4 to the dragon queen telling her not to be a tyrant; she has always fought from becoming.

Tyrion has tried his possible best to prevent blood shed and kings landing not to be destroyed, and children not to screen and people burnt alive, but all has been thrown to the thrash because of cersei pride and this point, there is now point to the fact, there is no advice solution that would prevent kings landing from burning.

Vary would also have a rethink after he watched Missandei murdered by cersei and prays he doesn’t make any mistake that would anger the dragon queen to burn him alive as she was once promised him, if he betrays her, little finger was not so different from vary and he was killed and if vary do the same or the queen finds out about his desire to shop for a new leader, just as he did with the past ones, she won’t messy him.

The army of the dead have been defeated but something crude than that would be coming to kings landing because everyone, every nation has pledge their support to see cersei die and her armies defeated and the only thing preventing to reach her the  wall, her armies and euron grejoy fleet.

Grey worm, the dragon queen and the stark want to see cersei die and even Jamie lannister knows it’s true. The hand of queen cersei made a statement that queen daeneryns dragon is vulnerable,  which is true and but it was their first time and is intelligent enough from getting killed, the night king and euron grejoy tried and that might spell dome for queen cersei.

Game of Thrones fans are also desperate to see what Jaime Lannister’s next steps will be. Jaime left Brienne of Tarth heartbroken at the end of The Last of the Starks as he abandoned her for Cersei.

Every fans is in shock as Jaime headed south to reunite with his sister-turned-lover while Brienne wept in Winterfell.

There’s also the matters of Arya Stark and Gendry’s romance, Sansa Stark’s potential betrayal of Daenerys, and what Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varys have planned.

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