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Game Of Thrones Season 8: Dead Man Walking

Game of thrones season 8 episodes 3 was more than wonderful but a class of movie, we hope to see which other movies can initiate in the future.

The highly anticipated third episode of this season’s “Game of Thrones” was an action-packed roller coaster ride that left fans dizzying over the heroics of Arya Stark, the show’s most fearsome protagonist, and a handful of characters who died trying to save mankind.

Queen cercei knows what’s coming for her, it’s not just man that are coming but a group of dead men walking, men who survived the great war that matters.

It was as if all hope would be lost when the night king raised a whole lot of armies for himself and it felt at that moment all hope was lost and looks glaring the night king would finally win after stabbing theon grejoy with his own weapon.

Jon snow on the other hand, knew he was strong hearted and stubborn to face the night king after bringing him down with his dragon and could have further done more than that but the night king was brilliant to stop him before getting close to him.

The dead is fearless and has nothing to die for, after all they are dead. The whole north fought the dead together and would regard themselves as a gladiator and monster, who can face any battle or fear. Jaime lannister told sir Brienne that he is no  longer the man he used to be that knight people fear him for,   that young warrior that kill the mad king but I think after the great war he would no  longer be the man he has always been but a reformed fighter  more stronger and brave.

The red woman, popularly known as the messenger for the lord of light Melisandre knew her mission was complete and it was time up for her, leaving behind her hope, disappointment, dreams and her precious pearl, which served to preserve her to look young, youthful and sexy, and almost made Stannis Baratheon lost his mind. Melisandre reappeared in timely fashion and lit up the Dothraki’s weapons, giving everyone a ray of hope (and a spectacular sight) in the middle of the night. That was short-lived, as the violent warriors were easily killed off by the dead.

Rhaegal and Drogon, the dragon Daenerys rides, were a powerful force in the battle until a snowstorm wrecked all visibility, and the dragons struggled to help out the fighters on the ground. When the Night King showed up riding the undead Viserion, things got even more hectic.

Viserion and Rhaegal literally slammed into each other in the snowstorm, with the wight dragon trying to cook Rhaegal’s rider as they slashed away at each other. The Night King took the opportunity to try to spear Rhaegal and take him down for good, just as he did with Viserion during the Season 7 episode Beyond the Wall. But Rhaegal eventually won the fight, tearing off a piece of Viserion’s face, and both the Night King and the wight dragon fell to Earth. But Rhaegal’s injuries were pretty severe, and he went plummeting to the ground, too–he crashed, throwing Jon from his back and that was the last we saw of the dragon.

The dragon queen, jon snow, arya stark and the whole north have a role to play in the last war. The prince jon snow was promised by the lord of light to bring the dawn but was ended by the servant of god of death, arya stark.

Director Miguel Sapochnik who was in charge for the making of Battle of the Bastards”
As much as we would’ve loved to see a bunch of fluffy good boys patrolling
Game of Thrones is over, but if HBO has their way, we won’t be away
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