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Game Of Thrones: Questions Never Answered

Game of thrones have come and gone, but not the way everyone expected. The season 8 proved there were some flaws in writing and positioning on how the series should have ended. In season 7, jon snow told any that during the first encounter between army of the dead and the living, that men stood together as one to fight the night king and his armies, pushing him into hiding and that should be the way the series should have ended.

On the other hand, tyrion lannister didn’t do any well as hand to queen daenaryns, why advise her not to attack kings landing, when she had three dragons, and save more lifes, why allow beautiful messandei to die, why allow euron grejoy to kill rheagal, why allow cersei to live longer, it was so messy for the writers and just don’t sum up.

The season 8 also showed how it allow reward for laziness against hard work, why would those who have worked so tirelessly end up with nothing and why the biggest movie series of all time start with seven kingdoms and end up with six kingdoms.

The finale episode of season 8, was simply boring and understanding, the iron throne should have not melted, dany should have not died, bran should have not been king. It was also surprising to see the unsullied forces not depleted in numbers, how did greyworm got to the platform to see daenaryns before jon snow, how did jon snow murdered dany and never found a way to escape in a city that was destroyed, it was simply well not planned.

The army of the dead should have been the point of attraction for the series closure and not cersei. jon should have lost at winterfell, the remaining survivors escape to somewhere else to retreat, plot the murder of cersei with the help of arya stark or dany and jon invading kings landing with the remaining force and dragon, then defend kings landing with the dragons and the remaining of the living with reinforcement from other kingdoms and wild fire. This all doesn’t matter, what matters now is what comes next.

For over 8 years HBO Entertainment benefited a lot from game of thrones and they want to build on with their next project on “Game Of Thrones Prequel”, which all bring to light  how it all started from the beginning with the children of the forest, the starks, the wall , the lannisters, the baratheons ,the targayens and many more. The prequel is currently in production and would be available latest by year 2021.

The Game of Thrones Aftermath is also another but a book under production written by frank chuks and is a book to be read and would be ava;aible on Amazon and other distribution channels this summer 2019. Stay tuned to know more about the Game of Thrones Aftermath. It would correct those anomalies of the final series and would be a book not to miss.

David Benioff and D.B Weiss did a wonderful job but was not what everyone expected, the last series should have been a more deserving for those who fought to stand for the realms of men, those who fought against tyranny and not for the wise and observers, who seat on the fence watching and waiting to collect all glory and honor without welding a sword or without having the balls to kill a fly.  

Director Miguel Sapochnik who was in charge for the making of Battle of the Bastards”
As much as we would’ve loved to see a bunch of fluffy good boys patrolling
Game of Thrones is over, but if HBO has their way, we won’t be away
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