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Food For The Aged

As one grows older, the body ability to digest and assimilate all kinds of food starts slowing down. As one age, there is increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, and diabetes and so on. Even if you do not suffer from any major health conditions, it is best to identify food ideas for the aged people and plan around it.

Diet for aged people should consist of a variety of foods that offer proteins, carbohydrate, fats, dietary fiber and micro-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals such as iron, sodium, manganese, phosphorus and calcium.

It is also necessary to restrict the consumption of saturated fat such as butter, lard cheese and oil. At an old age the risk of developing or worsening heart health is higher. Fiber such as cereals, leafy vegetables, whole grains and so on in our diet for aged individuals is also important.

To maintain dental health the intake of sugars or sugar based products such as cakes, cookies and refined flour product should be reduced.

It is also good to avoid, the effects of aging related anemia by consuming iron rich food like dark, leafy vegetables, lean portions of red meat, cereals and pulses. Zinc from seafood can fortify your immune system and vitamin D and calcium can prevent early onset of osteoporosis. Aged people need more of calcium and protein, that’s why aged people should be fed with more drink milk and protein rich foods.

Aged people should not eat large portions of food on the go, because their body is slow to digest all. Instead, they should eat small quantities at intervals included with fruit such as banana to east digestion. It is important to identify food suitable for you so your body can easily absorb important nutrients and help revitalize the body.

So stay healthy and safe and live more with the right nutrient composition.

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