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Extraordinary Beyonce Workout Plan

Multiple award winners Beyonce has always been known for two things her singing talent, ability and exclusive hot body routine.

A lot of women have been wondering about her fitness routine and how she stays in such a great shape, healthful would shed the light to you how she does it.

According to her personal trainer, she does her fitness workout 5 days a week and practice choreography 7 days a week.

She does 30 minutes of cardio in the morning, followed by 45 minutes of weight lifting, while choreography 7 days per week for 9 hours at a time.

She jogs for at least 15 minutes per day for 5 days, these is part of her warm-up routine she uses to help get body ready for the rest of the workout.

She does weight lifting for her lower body by doing a bunch of lunges and squats, while for her upper body; she does bench press, pushups, military press, as well as many other exercises to mix it up. Her arm exercises typically consist of dumbbell curls and machine triceps extensions.

Lastly, she does her yoga once per week, which gives her those killer looks and legs.

So be like Beyonce by following these techniques. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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