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Download & Win: Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

our prediction for theon grejoy was correct but he died bravely at the hands of the night king.

lots of other things happened which was very fearful for me even watching it and was scared to my bones.

we acknowledge the crew of Game of thrones, they are simply wonderful for putting up such show.

for our loyal fans and viewers, we want to also acknowledge you by letting the world know about you all you just have to do is to either download the episode, if you watched it , make a comment and comment with the highest likes wins for this week. thanks

Download GOT8E3

Director Miguel Sapochnik who was in charge for the making of Battle of the Bastards”
As much as we would’ve loved to see a bunch of fluffy good boys patrolling
Game of Thrones is over, but if HBO has their way, we won’t be away
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