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Craziness Of Beauty

Beauty is a natural gift from God and should be used judiciously. Everyone can’t be beautiful, if you are beautiful you take it, if you are not, you take it also.

Beauty is a natural asset for the glorification of almighty God but instead it is now used for the opposite.

The world have really changed, beautiful women now use their precious beauty for sin. Look at movie and musical videos, you only find beautiful ladies displaying sensitive part of their bodies, look at marriages; beautiful women have lost, the touch of their marriage by following global trend, frustrating their husbands and bring about family disunity and divorce.

Days has gone beautiful women, where preferred for good home making, this is because after marriage most beautiful women end up in divorce, which might be as a result of her magnifying her beauty and making her husband look outside the marriage.

Beautiful young ladies, lots of them prefer walking, the road and street half naked displaying sensitive part of their body, which will end up hurting them.

Beautiful women also spend a lot to upgrade, the tone of their beauty, despite her natural given beauty. Beauty is a gift and not a cause, when beauty is so much magnified it makes one go, the other way round without thinking.

Beauty can make one go crazy to do lot of things such as;

Wearing dress that shows sensitive part of their body, spend lots of cash insensitively, pride, arrogance, file for divorce, think like a man, being disrespectful, takes over as head of the family, talk carelessly, over zealousness and lots more.

Beauty is a natural gift from God, which should be used wisely to have a height and happy future.

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