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Brilliant Ways To Shield Away Virus

The virus is one of the world deadly transmissible diseases. Virus is easy to get and hard to cure. To keep being healthy it is expected for every living individual to be conscious in order not to be a victim of virus.
Viruses are small infectious agent which replicates only in the living cells of other organisms. Virus infects all types of life things both plant and animal. Virus has serious effects in humans but in other animals it affects them less or not at all.
They are so many viruses in the world, both the ones we know and made ones that are still yet to be discovered. According to a long meaning of virus, it means poison, that suggest the aggressive nature of a virus and the potential threat it might cause to an infected human.
Virus ranges from hepatitis virus, HIV and AIDS, Ebola, Influenza viruses and so much more. Virus on successfully entering into a human body, it acts first by affecting the human defense system that is the immune system, thereby affecting the response of the human body to kill it. The virus then proceeds to replicating and multiplying causing more harm to the body.
Virus can be easily spread through sexual transmission by sex, through body fluid by sweat or saliva, through the air by water droplet carried in the air.
The epidemic recorded in 2014 caused by a virus known as Ebola, which was classified as one of the world most deadly virus that easily spread through body fluid contact and kills with 21 days of contacting it.
The question is how one can stay protected from these entire deadly hunting viruses that are looking for whom to devour, the answer is by personal protection.
The best two ways of personal protection and contact barrier:
Personal protection ranges from protective material that can be used to prevent contacting any form of virus such as;
Examination gloves, Protective eyewear, Face masks, Control cover gowns, Hand Sanitizers, hard surface disinfectant, First aid kits.
Contact barrier means stay away from an infected person, avoiding unprotected sex or if possible not having any sex. If you want to be virus free apply the contact barrier method of stay clear or distance away from epidemic area or infected persons. Sanitizers, Soaps, and Disinfectants are also contact barrier that helps reducing the risk of contaminating hands and work surfaces with infection.
Stay a virus free healthy life all depends on you, if you want to shed virus always apply our two methods in your day to day life for you, your friends and family.

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