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Be In Fury Shape like Floyd Mayweather

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao had come and gone but interesting fans would be wondering how do Mayweather is always in good fighting shape against its opponent.

Now you can get all on how Mayweather stays in good fighting shape with distinctive fitness techniques.
At 6 a.m. every training day, he begins his work on the track; he does at intervals sprints and run. He does sprints for 30 seconds and sprints for 3minutes.
Mayweather also finds motivation by picking a higher opponent and imaging him losing, that way he puts more effort to see he doesn’t lose, the same way when he missed gym he puts in more effort to cover for the time he has lost.
He also engages in other sports like basketball, which also helps his muscle to be agile. Apart from basketball, he also plays bowling and snowboarding, which helps him stay in good shape all year long and also trains his body to maintain balance and endurance in any environment making him to be a better boxer.
He gives himself break after undergoing strenuous exercise; this helps the muscle to recover fast and prepares him for more training.
He trains with friends, making him to work at an unpredictable pace. He practices this with punching bags helping him to learn new style and speed with his punches.
So stay fit as a fighting champ just like Mayweather.

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