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3 Nos guys shouldn’t Say On First Date

Over ambitiousness can cause a guy to lose his future wife permanently. This might not be his fault, but instead his fault of not programming himself on what to say.

When having a date with a lady for the first time, which can be inform of a breakfast, lunch or even dinner, there are things you ought not to say.

Friendship is built on trust and the more you talk on personal, social and trending topics, your relationship is bound to grow, remember, it is your first time both of you are having such an outing and such topics should not be brought.

3 no’s you should avoid as a guy and driver of the event are topic such as money, marriage and religion.

The issue of money shouldn’t be brought up. Some guys are always, in the form, any time, they are with a lady boosting, and they have this and that. Such won’t help, especially if the lady is very responsible, she would have the impression, this is a wrong person to hang out with.

Marriage is too fast and harsh to discuss. You see a guy telling a lady, he is taking out for the first time, like you are very beautiful, perfect and I can’t wait to marry you. What do you expect her to say, she would perceive foul play and feel you are one of those play boys, that like jumping from one woman to another.

Lastly, religion should not be criteria for friendship. Some guys are always fond of asking, what religion you belong, were do you attend fellowship. It is not right.

All these no’s should be skipped and instead base your discussion on social, entertainment, sport and trending topics.

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